Dangers of using bank cards with contactless payment technology

Authors: V.Ivanov, B,Horbatenko, V.Stopin
Affiliation: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE), «Computer science» faculty, department of «System engineering»


Keywords: cyber, mastercard, payment, PayPass, payWave, security, theft, visa
ABSTRACT. Not so far ago, the world saw such a phenomenon as «contactless payments». Bank card, which has PayPass chip inside, proved to be comfortable in everyday using. There is no need to put the card into ATMs or terminals as well as to remember and enter PIN-code, to fill receipts and many other routine staff, which people do not like doing. Developers of this technology guarantee that cards with chip are totally secure and safe payment method, however, is it really so? In this article let’s answer on this and some other questions about bank cards with a chip


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