E91 Network

Authors: Giorgi Iashvili, Aleksandre Lomadze-Gabiani
Affiliation: Scientific Cyber Security Association, European school (AHS)


Keywords: E91, modification, network, Protocol
ABSTRACT. E91, great as it is, becomes increasingly impractical as the network that it is implemented on grows. This is because as E91 only connects one end to another, so if one is trying to create a network using it they would have to store photons of every other device on each of the devices that are connected to the network. This requirement will cause the size of the devices on the network to bloat and make expansion and upkeep of the network extremely prohibitive. This paper suggests one modification of E91 that will make it more practical to implement. To understand the modification that is being suggested in this paper we need to first understand several concepts; This part of the paper is meant to give a brief introduction to them


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