Authors: Natia Pilashvili, Mariam Kikliashvili
Affiliation: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Keywords: კიბერდანაშაული, კიბერშეტევა, დისტანციური მართვის მექნიზმი(RAT), „ტროიანი“, „ DarkComet”, „სირიის კონფლიქტი.
ABSTRACT. In the 21st century, in parallel with rapid technological progress, the increasing trend of unsolved and inexcusable crimes is marked by cybercrime, often referred to as "the crime of the future." Malicious software, one of the key mechanisms of cybercrime, makes it easy for us to be victims of it. And when it comes to mass conflicts, it becomes even more important. One example of this is the Syrian government's use of „DarkComet“, to gain full control over its opponents and obtain desired information on their action plans


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