Building Cyber-Security Systems of Information Networks Based on Intellectual Technologies

Authors: Sergey Toliupa, Vladimir Nakonechny, Nikolay Brailovskyi
Affiliation: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Keywords: cyber threats cyberattack cybersecurity cyberspace decision support system information technology model protection
ABSTRACT. Information technology has a significant impact on the level of technological and social development, economic competi-tiveness and safety of individual organizations, industries, departments, as well as the state as a whole. However, these tech-nologies have a number of vulnerabilities due to the high interest of malicious elements in obtaining various benefits from this type of action. The level of a network’s security is a consequence of the effectiveness of compatible methods and data pro-tection means. To achieve these goals, there are many different approaches, techniques and analysis techniques. Special methods of secure coding and management of IP traffic are developed and used. However, as the studies have shown, a number of significant disadvantages prevent the efficient use of modern data protection tools in full. The purpose of the article is to develop information protection management in the segment of the local information system to solve the problems of providing the required level of information security from cyber-excerpts in the course of the life cycle of the information security system in the conditions of uncertainty of information influences with the use of intellec-tual decision support.


Толюпа С.В., Безрук В.М., Бараник В.В. и др. Наукоемкие технологии в инфокоммуникациях: обработка информации, кибербезопасность, информационная боротьба. Коллективная монография. Харьков - Компания СМИТ - 2017. - с. 620