Cyber Bullying – Violence of online world

Authors: David Nozadze
Affiliation: University of Georgia


Keywords: Bullying, cyber, violence
ABSTRACT. To date, cyber bullying has become rather common fact on the Internet, and it is especially used among adolescents. Traditional bullying for a long time is a topic for study, we have the opportunity to conduct a comparative analysis of traditional and cyber bullyings. In comparison with the traditional, to establish the identity of a person engaged in cyber bullying is much more difficult, and in some cases even impossible. Due to the fact that the Internet has no physical boundaries, an attacker can even be a citizen of another country. In order for power structures to be able to react properly to cases of cyber bullying properly, first of all, it is necessary to develop appropriate legislation, within which the police and other structures will be able to act. In addition, the investigator must be competent in the field of work with cyber technologies


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