Authors: Ayepeku .O. Felix, Omosola .J. Olabode
Affiliation: Thomas Adewumi University Oko-Irese


Keywords: Quantum, computing, Quantum computing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Cryptography
ABSTRACT. Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that has significant implications for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) security. CPS, deeply integrated into critical infrastructure and modern technologies, faces unprecedented challenges and vulnerabilities in this era. This article explores the challenges and solutions for CPS security, discussing qubits, superposition, and quantum algorithms. Threats to CPS security have evolved, with quantum attacks posing threats to classical encryption methods. To mitigate these threats, post-quantum cryptography offers quantum-resistant cryptographic techniques suitable for CPS. Strategies for building resilient CPS systems and recovering from quantum attacks are discussed. Real-world case studies highlight the challenges and successes of securing CPS systems in the quantum era. The article also discusses regulatory and compliance frameworks for CPS security.


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