Автор: Hnatiienko Hryhorii, Vialkova Vira
Организация: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine


Ключевые слова: information system, security level, integral security level
Аннотация. Providing the functionality of the security system of any moderninformation system is relevant in every conceivable environment and in all areas ofhuman life. Solving the problems, which encountered in relation to protection of theinformation, is a complex process, which is based on the system method that is usedto create an integrated system of protection information. For developing a model ofinformation security, we will assume that the intended purpose of the system consistsof the sequential or parallel execution of tasks that provides the reliable functioningof all elements of the system. It suggested raising of task and different models ofevaluation of informative strength of the system security. For the decision of taskapplication of methods of theory of decision-making and artificial intelligence isenvisaged


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