Intelligence factors of cyber warfare in information space

Автор: I. Khutsishvili
Организация: The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Of Georgia


Ключевые слова: National Security, Information Security, Cyber Security, Cyber War, Information War, Misinformation, Hybrid War;
Аннотация. The state informative process has since been established since the creation of the world in terms of the proper management of the governing system as well as its control. The functioning of the state governing apparatus, its sovereignty, strategic policies, domestic and foreign relations are dependent on the timely, completed and faithful information provision about the processes around the country as well as the various processes taking place outside its borders. The use and development of modern information-communication technologies in the XXI century is an integral part of any country and society. Protection from the harmful impact of the external forces of the modern state is impossible without the existence of appropriate information technologies. In addition to the state critical infrastructure dependence on information technologies, the need for cyber security is increasing, as analysis of conflicts in the past decade proves that hostilities are not only on land, air and sea but also in information space