2017 Cyber ​​Security Challenges and Georgia

Authors: Vladimir Svanadze
Affiliation: Scientific Cyber Security Association


Keywords: challanges. cyber security
ABSTRACT. The article contains an overview of the report by an American authoritative organization FireEye that reflects challenges of Cybersecurity for 2017 in the European, Middle East and African regions. What is the situation in Cybersecurity for 2017? What types of activities should we expect on the national level? Which areas can become a cyberattack target and what harmful programs can be used? What investments will be implemented for 2017? On these and other questions experts answer that "it is generally difficult to foresee the future, but the cyber security industry has a clear idea that certain types of attacks will continue with the same pace." According to the report of FireEye, at the next year it is expected to increase the cyberattacks in the world's least developed regions, including the European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Particularly, politically motivated cybercritical operations that are increasingly attributable to global and regional conflicts.


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