Автор: Zurab Jishkariani
Организация: Scientific Cyber Security Association


Ключевые слова: Cybersecurity Education, Secondary School, Secondary School Curriculum, Educational Models, Obstacles and Difficulties
Аннотация. In the contemporary era characterized by pervasive digitization, the significance of cybersecurity has escalated markedly for individuals, the private sector, and the broader national landscape. Given the proliferation of cyber threats, encompassing hacking, identity theft, and data breaches, it is imperative that individuals possess the requisite knowledge to safeguard themselves and their online information. Nevertheless, the incorporation of cybersecurity education within the secondary school curriculum remains notably limited, rendering students susceptible to cyber threats. This research paper endeavors to scrutinize the existing landscape of cybersecurity education within secondary schools, aiming to identify optimal practices and strategies for imparting cybersecurity knowledge to young students. Additionally, the paper investigates the impediments and challenges associated with integrating cybersecurity education into secondary schools, proposing recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of cybersecurity education within this educational context.


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