Автор: Vladimer Svanadze
Организация: Business and Technology University (BTU)


Ключевые слова: Internet, Internet Technology, Internet Fragmentation, Cyberspace, Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Internet Protocols, Conflicts, Internet Governance Forum, Tunis Agenda
Аннотация. "Information explosion" was the name given to the process of global development of information technologies and rapid growth of users. This process was further accelerated by the existence of the pandemic, during which the use of the Internet and Internet technologies at both the household and professional levels reached an unprecedented limit. Unfortunately, the positive process of rapid development of the Internet and Internet technologies is accompanied by certain risks, which threaten the unity and security of the global Internet network, its stability and stable development. When we talk about the unity, security and stability of the global Internet network, we must mention the Internet Governance Forum convened by the Secretary General of the United Nations, whose work involves all interested parties - public and private sectors, civil society and representatives of academic circles. It is the best platform where the exchange of ideas, discussion and sharing of experiences about the processes taking place in the Internet space takes place among the interested parties at the global, national and regional levels.


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