Cyber security European standards in business

Автор: Maksim Iavich, Sergiy Gnatyuk, Giorgi Iashvili, Andriy Fesenko
Организация: Caucasus University, National Aviation University, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University


Ключевые слова: Cyber security, standard, European standard, security in business
Аннотация. In the paper we consider the attacks on large and small businesses. We analyze the Europeanstandards and legislation. In the paper we also describe the European trainings materials. Using thesematerial is made the experiment where we have collected the group of 10 people and assessed them usingcyber security exercises created using the attacks on Georgia and Ukraine. Afterwards we trained thesestudents for 20 hours using ENISA materials and made them to answer the similar questions once more.We have got rather good results. Based on our research we offer corresponding recommendations for therepresentatives of small and big businesses.


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