Автор: Lasha Sharvadze
Организация: Georgian Technical University


Ключевые слова: cybersecurity, medicine, software implementation, radiology
Аннотация. The paper describes the authors' research in the direction of creating a unified digital system of clinic management. The aim of the study is to create a unified system of clinic management, which will be simple, with a single window principle, will fully integrate all clinic management systems in one environment and will fully digitize them. Due to the spread of processes in different directions, the existing clinic management systems do not have all related structures, processes, data and systems integrated in one electronic space. The system has a web interface and is adapted to various mobile devices. The system provides security features such as password policies and user role management. The system operates in a secure network environment. Experiments have been conducted in a test environment and it has been shown that the new system increases the efficiency of receiving medical services and reduces service time.


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