Автор: Ilia Khutsishvili
Организация: LEPL - Academy Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Of Georgia- Master’s Academic Degree of Law New Vision University - The Ph.D Programme in Law, Doctoral Student


Ключевые слова: National Security, Economic Security, Special Services, Intelligence Activity.
Аннотация. The economy is one of the key sectors ensuring state security and thus, the state services, by applying various methods, strive to decline the potentially rival economies or undertake the maximal control on already weak economies.Economic intelligence, as one of the directions of the intelligence activity, implies the timely obtainment of the comprehensive economy-related information, its analysis, and due realization.Obtainment of information in the economic sector can be achieved from private so from the public sectors, from the enterprises and organizations. Information on economic issues may be obtained from the open so from the closed sources. Hence, the counter-intelligence of the public and private sectors is the key task for the state, similar to the intelligence provision in the same segment in the potentially rival states at the international theatre.Correspondingly, it is paramount to discuss the key directions of the economic intelligence and counter-intelligence within the scope of the Article, undertaken by the special services of the countries to reinforce their own political, economic and geo-strategic interests.


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