ავტორი: Volodymyr Khoroshko, Mykola Brailovskyi, Yulia Khokhlachova, Natalia S. Vyshnevska
ორგანიზაცია: National Aviation University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


საკვანძო სიტყვები: Cyber security, cyber defense, cyber attacks, cyber defense system, information protection, state protection, cyber space, communication channels
აბსტრაქტი. The article analyzes the literature, which shows the current lack of a unified approach to the comprehensive solution to the problem of synthesizing mathematical models and algorithms for determining the time of decision-making in the system of both protection and cyber protection of information. An analysis of the research stage was also carried out to determine the permissible terms of solving information-dependent problems of cyber information protection systems, taking into account the relationships between the directive terms of solving problems and the tasks of information dependencies between them, and determined the permissible intervals of processing and transmitting information over the network while ensuring the functioning of cyber information protection systems. Thus, the results that can be used in the development of effective algorithms for determining the time of decision-making based on mathematical models for decision-making support systems by the information cyber protection system, as well as for modeling complex technical systems and evaluating the effectiveness of the use of various information computing systems are given.


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